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Dany learns your business, generates authentic leads, books appointments, and follows up with your leads, keeping your calendar fully booked.
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Dramatically increase your web traffic

Dany automatically posts relevant and authentic content to your website to boost your SEO and local rankings.

An AI bot you can trust

Dany's built-in safeguards highlight your unique services, while its intuitive dashboard provides full visibility into activities and appointment bookings.

Activate in minutes

Just put one line of code on your website and turn Dany on. No training, no configuration, no bot paths.

Integrates directly with your CRM

Dany sends leads, customer data, and booked appointments directly to your CRM, allowing you to benefit from Dany seamlessly.


Up to 80% higher conversion rate


Up to 600% more website traffic

Fully Conversational

Dany increases your booking rate in minutes as an AI-powered salesperson.

Advanced salesperson

Dany is trained to think like the world’s greatest salespeople, letting you convert as if your best salesperson walking your prospects through your offerings.

Builds trust

Dany consolidates your web reviews and completed projects, and know how to use them to build trust with your prospects.

Neural Networks

Dany recommends your offerings to prospects based on their needs, and even references the past services you’ve completed based off what they're looking for.

Content Creation

Dany automatically learns from the previous work you’ve done to create powerful content that builds your digital presence and boosts your online visibility.


Dany automatically detects a customer’s language and speak to them in any of the 95 languages it supports.

"Building an online presence has often proved to be a challenge. However, Dany completely changed that for us. Not only is Dany the driving force behind a significant amount of our website traffic and lead generation, but we've also seen a substantial increase in revenue and conversion rates. What's more, our marketing expenses have notably reduced. To simply say Dany has been vital to our growth would be grossly underselling their impact."

John Harper, Director of Marketing

Green Home Systems

The growth marketer you need

Dany is more than just a salesperson. It’s an e-commerce platform for service businesses that learns about your business, connects you with customers, and delights them with engaging experiences — all while reducing team workload.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dany is an AI-based salesperson designed to enhance your business by converting website visitors into booked appointments, thereby boosting your sales.

Dany uses artificial intelligence to engage visitors, understand their needs and offer tailored solutions from your business. It consistently learns and adapts, gathering information from your website and external data feeds.

Yes, Dany breaks down language barriers by communicating in multiple languages, providing a personalized and inclusive user experience for both native and non-native audiences.

Dany streamlines your sales process with its automated booking system. It integrates seamlessly with any CRM system simplifying lead management.

Dany provides comprehensive analytics on visitor engagement and appointment bookings. These insights are invaluable in evaluating the effectiveness of your sales strategy and making data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.