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Dany is a multi-channel AI sales and marketing agent that helps businesses grow by driving traffic, engaging leads, scheduling appointments, and boosting sales across all platforms – website, social media, SEO, email, SMS, and phone. With its advanced AI capabilities, Dany interacts with customers in a human-like manner, providing a personalized and efficient customer experience that drives unprecedented business growth.

Dany uses AI to identify the best methods to convert your website traffic into leads. It can follow up with leads via phone calls and use sophisticated sales techniques to turn leads into valuable appointments. Additionally, Dany creates and publishes tailored content to drive more traffic to your website.

Setting up Dany on your website is a breeze. Just add a single line of code and Dany is ready to engage with your visitors, converting them into leads. For seamless content publishing, Dany integrates effortlessly with WordPress and other platforms via plugins or API.

Dany is trained to think like the world’s greatest salespeople. It understands complex requests, asks clarifying questions, and fully converses with prospects to turn them into booked meetings. Dany also builds trust with prospects by consolidating your web reviews and completed projects.

Yes, Dany is capable of detecting a customer’s language and can converse effectively in any of the 95 languages it supports.

Dany is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM system, allowing for efficient lead management and follow-up. It also integrates with your social media platforms, enabling it to create and publish content that drives more traffic to your website.

Yes, Dany can create tailored content and publish it directly to your social networks. This helps drive more traffic from social media to your website, improving your online visibility and search rankings.

By integrating with your CRM, Dany can efficiently manage leads, follow up with customers, and book appointments. This reduces the workload of your team and allows them to focus on more complex tasks.

We prioritize data security and ensure that all data shared with Dany is protected with industry-standard security measures.

We offer comprehensive support for all Dany users. Our team is available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have, ensuring you get the most out of your Dany experience.

Our Mission Statement

Empowering businesses with AI to make sales effortless, efficient, and personalized for every customer, propelling business growth.